The-Naked Abstractor

**The state of the machine_for crying out loud_shut up_LOL**

Written sometime after 29th of June, 2014

The world is getting smaller, as we notice the journey to the centre of the earth is nearer, what is exactly in the centre, the humanity of the world reset within a core of issues that we constantly trying to reveal, the politic of work, friendship and relationship. The image of your appearance, your lifestyle and your work place and living condition. The entertainment choices, music, interest of reading and film topics. All, and always will become a causality of your choices you make to understand the world you live in and people you are interactively learning to co-exist. More than just a switch of your EQ to learn that you have become socially unresponsive with the centre of the earth, where you know creator is really trying to put you off from living the image you hope you like to live. And this is back where you know dream is a world far apart from the characteristic you like to put accord to acknowledge there is really how information is perceived and received. These are sets, a logic how we think we understand the informational world where it once stood below the group objectivity and into the portal of what we can received and conceived by other subjectivity of carefully selected programmes to attract you to perform below or above the status quo. Herefore, the philosophy of the lone creator is getting less time to do what they have obviously want to plan to do within their workstation, their management is rather best to be collaboration although not all creators like to do collaboration from habitual or methodology by characteristic in a driven state.

at any time you learn to find the way around a building or a place, find a signage is most likely the best way to get the direction needed for the emptiness like a canvas or your imagination, there is no way finding signages and neither there will be creative connections or guiding light path to your creation. a bio-pattern signature can be a sign from how you make the realisation of an idea from good over less of, and then as often I notice that the learning is typically within how your development from the moment a decision made towards a skillful mindset of getting all your senses into a unique time movement. An active motion of creating as in a past tense, with these days the operation with the question of rhythm in motion, like taking a camera(-1- (distance/width.angle)) and shooting and snapping photos, you make those connection by using all you senses to accomplish the assistance of the machine you already made the contact with. As we begin to acknowledge the connecting pieces of time movement, you can then break the bracket of experiencing the new connectivity, whether you attention is focusing on a subject, a person or a monitor in front of you is always a newly design system, like the machine learning more about your intelligence, and in reality it is mostly a faulty ideology since, facts are indeed showing you their intel, like a movement in the social network when the design of each individual is learning some new information and leaving a message or posting a new link on Facebook, the intelligence for the performance or order of operations is the new network for connectivity, the milliseconds of change is giving the user the information of level of changes in the movement of the bots to exchange newly formed imaginative styles, whether you can acknowledge that the act is information or disinformation. An activity of independent planning is under the so new and yet so over looked panopticon ideology [what is cinema?]. We as creative in all set up our studio, or room to make the kind of creative practices to photocopy a very important lie of the historical analytics internet age. For instance, the programmer or hacker who invented a new surveillance programme or a graphic design moving the brick and mortar of pixel to render some new intelligent collage of a realism interior of man and machine, and whatever the outcome of efficient process, the emphasis can be achieved by a standard we called art history. This is render as a notion of intellectual experience, and working in a manner of speech, must be created by design or input through the light by an arranger or user of a host experiment. In the word “design” is a form of “de” and “sign” without making a guessing the cofunction, the experimental attaché is clear of example from the pre digital age. The rise of education in class and social institution, like universities are very different from individuals who learn through a process.[Sartra?]

A building is like a living organism, the process in formalising the activities within, function is it as gates and formations of definitive user activity. These gates are means to involve human activities, they chain to their dynamic probabilities of entropy and function of casualty, unlike the encounter of functional aspect of a meeting place and square in a city block, involvement of the levels of function is an order of dynamic shifting protocols and conditioning from the image of design internally and proper aspect of aesthetic in life changing process of a social consciousness, and then you might want to argue over the social consciousness for between social contracts or engineer of sheer logic of demand and supply as an economy of space, the idea of construct the very building of a mind space, are internalized as much as a habitation for the ritual to per quo pro engineered living. As one begin to make learning parts on emptying the meta of our design by going through the daily operations, the change within the reality of experiencing the how we see the perspectivity on the activity one find in the common changing language from our ritual, as in the feeling of someone religiously looking for an answer, and then empty is like those with empathy with the search for an answer, the trend of leaving behind some spatial identity is more important than some superficial memories that have been plug into other people experimentation of a higher expectation.

A part from leaving the design life of the salesman, the implied function for your life can grow but organically. Although how timing is everything, then how about every time you buy a thing, you know what exactly you will need from that very moment onwards. This is something a good design can serve you and other in that void of a storyteller, yet can help you filter out the standardise living of the daily operation to lessen a burden to style that is you find what is in front of you.

The time duration of everything is very much an architecture structure condition(ASC) in the printing, planning for movement and design of the designer, when you accolade these condition of a very densely planning, the returning gates of occupying functions are connected seemingly more rapid and transforming the ASC data to become massively entropic to different set of revolutions. As we proceed to understand how spatial temporal sound like in a high density space with in the stereoscopic of street level is reacting, there are chances of knowing how the creative environment inform us independency vs. codependency to proper functions in chance to find producer working at a level in for a higher entropy bio-pattern [ø + onto, internet], then from the levels where he or she derivate from ground zero up.

At a precise location in space, there are also a precise time, the character are there to locate, and knowing how we can find the right position within the spatial condition from flowing through different points [n]