Record label have no Grammars.

The Archivist

There’s always a way to find out how Music label works. Like there’s a great way and there’s a wrong way, As there is winner in this loser over the last three years running boutique record label we all managed to publish only 3 or 4 Records. The difference between running a label and running a bunch of artists; this a very subjective Point of view.

A record label is always on the wrong side of the track, this is how wrong can you get it and how far this rabbit hole goes. Four example if you give out music for free is a promo you kill your bottom line, do you watch every penny you sent, and there is another right turn on the wrong side street because we never had enough money is spent on the artist and neither can we make enough to keep the artist happy, independent record labels have to be like a hot iron, smoothing out in his obituary on the ironing boards.

21st century given us a chance to have an impact to the wall by the way of the online Community and perhaps a lot of the audience we have, it is not the community we seeking for : which they are anonymous off-line and dislike Digital compression and recordings.

A digital record label would sometimes ride on several ships, if they publish Records or distribute digital compression files did you not see your conflict is to give out free music. And can you take a serious step to make distribution worth while when your music is online 24 hours a day seven days a week available instantly. A Publishers say I discourage this convenience of sound. But as a regular label you need to be gratified and be granted by the community in the audience’s senses. When music should not be waiting for things to happen, rather the world is blinded byways of how other technology that this discipline should never look away blindly if you know what I’m saying.

A digital label only publish digital Music, a record label only publish Records, and each Independent records is serving a niche Community who can be a persona or anonymous.

If you can stop reading and close the page because you don’t like what I’m saying. Is the simple formula because you will not have a 24-hour’s cinema so why do you have a 24 hours convenience store for music.

We we have seen an excellent example of success, on the bandwagon the band plays on nothing wrong with that, it relies to the community, whether the label can respond is a joke it’s pretty silly to me if the label cares is on the bottom line. So winner Will win no one in between and the losers stay Lost.

But digital ideas for music lovers isn’t excellent Millieu Plateau from the artist point of view is an exciting frontier are We forget the format our Forefather created is not considerably loved by everybody. More reason there is to survive as a label quote record label as independent Record Industry, is losing the formula to the very flexible marketing campaign because we think like other Technology companies another business all businessmen running content message as a medium. Are we going to reform preoccupied ourselves from production to performance schedule only if that is true then allowed producer to perform while they produce!

A Vinyl Records can last a lifetime but it’s not a morbid platform or format, I do not encourage online labels to stop promoting but I’m discourage by the Limited style of music from labels afraid to watch each other’s back because of the unrelenting’s insecure community know thyself but not knowing how to select the right thing.

We are overwhelmed with data confused by the format and discouragement to adventure come through the status quo, am I the angry mob a loner or the community it’s not encourage to go off-line.