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.. An usual introduction by the time this idea come to the print, our first decade of twentieth first century have arrived. The moment your work have been uploaded on the internet, you responses is up in the cloud and ready for instance response from all over the world. Your smart-phone will bring you all the network preference you will need for the duration of your flight from Berlin to Toronto, and the amount of time it takes to fly through this journey you will already address thousands, if not tens of thousand of readers and potential readers that will skype their network throughout their other's friends and familiarity of networks. And into the hands of the smart-send-tags as a reply towards the origin of the universe, the sender themselves. In its complete circle. \
The introduction will be partly evolving through the cloud and into the hands of the lawyers, the publisher and the cloud agent to ready to be serviced through their servers by the standard utopia postal services. Although in reality, a face to face with your lawyers, publisher and along side of the client where the design is going to be broadcast and displayed walls that is going to be used will need a more impotent encountered. The smart-phone will help you locate your walls of preference and in turn will be able to help the freelancer becoming more fluid with their organization for the publisher and lawyers to negotiate the time and moment for the performance or of the tied of reference to expertise on the set of information from the cloud. Independent network and social network group will also be informed by the freelancer's introduction resume where followers will be able to tune in and download relative and relevant information of promotional brochure or datacapulse\'99 to be transfer to other rime of the internet.}

the sort of group displacement and transitional period of a movement, the nation of designer and artistic creators are by large under the influence of nation boundary and immigration law restriction. The realistic way for a creative to gain the practical experience in time of work placement, the ideology of structural and systematic restriction are by large a complex process on placement and law of dura-diction. Thus the duration of practice and restriction on their point of displacement, plus the earnings on taxation and professional status. In the effect of the global devision of law and professional body, entity are the sole provision on their life support, their working example are through the structure of referral system. As within the community of the free agent or freelance body, these group of professional personnel is independent from the categorization from the agency, unless, some are capable to be represented by a person or an agency of reference, their job and pattern of earnings are a responsive development on the free agent's agenda.

A reverse trend in creatives, are like job seekers who earn a professional status of recognition from the kind of work they gain through practice from working within an organization. And from leaving the organization they would carry their work of reference in to the work and working thus as free agent or freelancer.

within the very basis of operation and service sectors. the perfectionist would see ha the customization of the package and the dealing of the services would be the most foremost and impotent aspect to success. the advance system of performance and operation would need the most secure, type of system as an identification of management and products. In the graphic interface, the operation is largely an imperative of stylization rather then the set progress in operation management. And in to the future of operation and design the aspect of simple graphic interface and design management is necessary to find better result of visual community and businesses. In the notion of free goods, free services and ready made. Are the R&D able to be finishing first from the services and if the detail in the sector of the industry of decision to be made. Free services seemed like the only way to procreate the detail in the devil's tails. Fine arts in the details, or design to find the art that is once lost from the workers whom product is to be given away for next to none?

let's keep waiting for those insight, lost in tandem dancing isolate, is crazy to think, who is out there, let's keep waiting, let's keep waiting, shine for crazy let's keep waiting, if to be such a place so different is crazy to think about who is string of them, let's keep waiting for those (very) insight, lost in tandem dancing isolated, is crazy to think about who is out there, if there is such a place to be let's keep waiting shine for to shine

experimental that is grounded in an environment of knowing a clear direction and strategic copy The unifying design for human as a creative species must understand that there are laws defying experimentation in question of the hypothesis of establishing culture or institutions within the multiplex universe of information landscape, the path of aligning the best possible results from places plus probabilities what is the closest set of cataloguing with electronics or system of search engines. just as scientist, writers and businessman come to do joint venture for like field in energy market, finacner teaming with advertising marketeer to create products with data scientist to service large corporation or institutions. more codes are design to perform the function aspects, the installed inference from design interactions, performance aspect as well as the objective the software is built to allow the needs to carry out the loading sequences and running apparatus.. the phenomenon of experimental sound existed as a form of identifying elemental notion from the occult and the obscure scene everywhere, but indeed the idea that existed in the plain and landscape of sky catcher or the cathedral of inner world that only finding out that our interior is non inferior by the brittleness and the cohabitation of egotistical and madness about social status within this region or the mentalities that existed in thousand plateaus.

the pacific grows by a network of N ∑1 is informing that the potential growth is going to hit a bit of a ruling gluring lateral pattern, as the design of creating the cooperation for protocol and informal portal from the current setup for selection and endless criteria of status storage. There are more traffic of allowing the relational 3OPs when we acquire more natural model in panoptics to speedlud HCL ∂ ∂ HCI ∂ ∂ ∂ ∂

In through the forest of linear, the moth of giver have proceeded to recreate the more intensive, Cube of all corners; the mothali of the group of thinkers whom more than overall a precrusaders of the time travel, amid the other post of regions, this intenality of the new existence have invite the deciality of the single most listener of the universal.

information is design to reveal the stated intends..a purpose is needed to serve the output and the overall design as such the form and idea that has been input and designed. as information become more complex the design like node and base is needed to build the overall surface or the face of the structure like a building form and architecture of levels and stages… in any give time a system of architecture is in flux..and although unlike real architecture the structure in information and design or rather the design of information architecture have a very different way to be seen and interpreted in their environment all because such system and such information are influencing their design and formalism code basic is providing a system of defaults…, a landscape where the environment for noticing the changes within the design milieu and the direction of given problem of possibilities of programmatic function…a physical otherness and the option for creating the knowledge of understanding the provision of hardware functions, location and aesthetic involvement…. more codes are design to perform the function aspects, the installed inference from design interactions, performance aspect as well as the objective the software is built to allow the needs to carry out the loading sequences and running apparatus.. subject to design the sounding out operation the design interaction environmentally are created for the outlook of function when there are less layering of sound the aspect and ratio for performance is going to be more concised with programmer’s options to enter the inputs and generate an output of intensities. technologically the implementation of definition sound in the logic to process the outputting execution of computations…, we have **intensity** **shape** **tone/pitch** sound in designation from intense formless base on the sectioning from the model forms: Functions modeller/renders action The memory of the conditional man in memories of understating the abstraction of inner scope of those who propel against the social culture of the self-made man….This is probable to see how we learn that the sound of the obscure, the artifact of ideal architectural planning of urbanism and consumerism ia at the palpet of unintensive science of the political landscapes… they are ever more connected, only disconnected through a past.\

"I think you have been missed informed. She is under maintenance." The attendant was dress to prepare for take off, they are just one of those who, get into their street cloths and leaving the night like no tomorrow. And for anyone who care to choose something foreign, the bank is close as they know it.

What would the world see, when the end of the night is also a beginning of a realistic notion of a repairman telling you that the world of fiction is all be an end of the seclusion from the exclusion of an uneventful imaginative gentleman.

That would be a sure way to end your evening and send you back to the street for something more physical and dirty.

 "From that very moment, I lost my tale to taste that honey, or must I say my memory lost is for reason, I trusted you." the moment her tone charge with anger and uncertainty, ringing a alarm of untrust within the core of her heart "In anyway, I don't know for exact circumstances, we have share a or anywhere?" a pitful of hate, she can make such translation heard..., loud and straight in to the listener's fear. "You are outgoing for telling me your tales. Interest I might feel like I am judging you from another point of view." I was being completely casual, and trying not to evoke the slightest utsurdity in to my thinking.

Further and further the approach are visible on the screen. A larger then life flashes from the ground up to the tubular of the plane. His pulse raised a bit, but for his well fitted seatbelt, he was still feeling a lot safer then how he would expect the journey have finally come to an end after a day of flying through the ocean and the northern pacific.

The dark night and a slight foggy view of the control tower, were good on the night view. He directed the focus to the cellphone, thinking that if he turn on the phone, would the plane derail. A smile comes on, and he place it back in to his jeans pocket.''

To those trend and fad, the computerization of a nation are unequivocal disorientated. In the proceed on recognition and process of configuration, a nations choices of prevalency and time in preoccupation are in essentially a progressiveness on openness under the traverses in occupation and participation.

The simplicity in referencing a group mentality, the centrality circumvent on a movement of social occupancy. In any centralization of a political movement, those who engineer the focus group mentality are by large the fuse that would carry the message of protocol and interactivity on the vitality of the system to be displace of the traditional network of jurisdiction. In time the way of protocol is by large the generative traffic pattern of the social group.

From the after maths of 9-11 and until the revolution of the Eyptian revolt, social network was indeed become a vehicle to carry out the movement for the people and by the people. The lone soldier whom is fighting the war of information, the journalist that is isolated from the company of engagement. Although by far the social network space of video or blog can give up the real fight for democratic voice in places like Syria and China. For that the example of resistance in the stand to fight corruption and corporation failures in the marxis utopian world we did not even have yet can conceived the real fight ahead of this panoticon ideology behind each and every firewall that is setup by the government or the rogue state of dematerializing zones on the internet. The year is 2011, and the thing of such as the Great firewall of China is here to stay. We in this golden age for invention and design, some see it as the dark ages for creativity. The idea where grand architecture and big nation state are indeed the same rogue state that one controlling energy and raw materials. The word of creativity in the this digital dark ages are indeed the man made utopia of the system that is born out of the war machine, with the like of activist like Nome Chromsky and great philosopher of the French imperialist Gilles Deleuze. The nation state that invented more unfolded materialism within the state conditions of contradiction by allow war machine to train soldier of the fortune in rogue countries and allow civil disorder after the departure of this purpose to go unengineered for the open yet bias quasi-democraticism to unfold in the after-math, from observing the naturally selection of the media, the country of Iraq and now Afghanistan is going to turn this after quasi government in to a like of project state for profit in the endearing status for a war machine, tilt and shifted to backing for the creativity of the alter-ego of struggle in other unnecessary crisis for war. There is no distinctive way to draw creativity with starring down at the state nations in the time of war. By far the beginning are all distinct with an ideology where we curiously wanted to prevent the civil war, where is left off by the troops international states. Thus with an ideology of creating the prophecy of war machine, the philosophy is like a creator raging a war on the other side, another machine is thus connected by a wire to receive the curriculum vita of the player online, through information in the electronic messaging services, we can rage against the machine on the internet.

"Professor of mine, have a very swallow voice, I could never be able to hear him well after the sun goes down.." as if her voice is fading in the water pool, hallow and echoing a real simple meaning. "A pool, or what reason you might find him allowing to give the lecture after the sun is down, which class do you have, that you ever go?" His reaction was as hallow as possible, he interest was not way about on the same thinking as she is having, rather, when does she sleep and does she like sleeping naked. "Are you enjoying taking a piss out of me, I really like the lecture, but I can't understand anything anymore...." She ponder a moment and put her headphone on and begin to fiddle with her ipod. You see her dexter thumb moving up and down the dial.

Without the internet, this generation of academia or creator would find a much different sort of life altogether. Although quite likely to speak of the fact that the internet have so have much consistent means of creating a social network that the term are becoming like a noun echo the term Marshall Mcluhan idea's of "medium is the message." As a collective of strategic documentaries and film on the social network, we are replacing a grand scheme of ideology by the balance of shifting mathematical structure on engineering within the social fabric where we lives a within such are that a biosphere, that's the one world, that fears our liberity and freedom, and will it be taunted. Such as THE LOGIC, or something else entirely different from what we beliefs are? Rather to the day that we are understand the culture for independent, free flow of information, identities for openness and transparent structure and organizations; do we have the right to critiqise a body of control in with the network that we are proceeding and innovating the actuality of spatial identity and chaos of intermediate experimentations? There are a course of condition we here lies within the terriotary of a union or multimediate systems in a single most walked street at the heart of the most densified city in the world. To this day, the internet will not be leaving us only find out we have to leave the net to pursuit more personal, more analogue experiences. By the definition of virtural space and technology, sometime design is often a place to create the most extra ordinary effect on society and perhaps event a nation, its influence is not like a boom but a effect that slower than a the intermedia of new media and advertising. The market can absorb and erase technological advances and especially work by designers. There are much driven style of influences and therefore the time of a successful idea could become obsolete. Although we can not be in fear of technology those who practice advanced technological research. As often you will hear difference in technology are creating a future where we will unable to keep up or understand, this practice of dynamic shift in the paradigm happens in every century, and is constantly shifting within culture of advancement and human engineering. In much of our society, advancement in computerization, automation in manufacturing and modification in the supplied chain have happened a century ago[], we are beginning to experience, the machine age of posthuman advancement[], where design is an affect into our everyday lives[] like social movement, the collipse of countries and revolutions that all began from the internet and a tool designed by super advance country and social network softwares. Where we speak as one, and observing the only obsolete social tools design by the organization that govern the social engineering of the human race. Rebecca MacCannon's have covered much of this generation how we are fighting back from organization and government on the forthfront of social network, the revolution of that record our daily lives. Our rant on design and a network that is the basic structure of blogging and citizen journalism, like the effectiveness of a 750millions attraction where as a startup become a company and into a corporation that relied on millions and multide of millions of users to design this corporation. Is this IPO of this corporation crowd funded by another millions of individuals helping them to engineer the internet. This is a design problem and one that starts at noun social networking. A problem looking for a solution if it is indeed a problem for other organization to become a joint venture, as otherwise leaving everything transparent and open to the public to design the future of our society. But which one is really the new deal.

“metatronics” - a ne category o circuit print and processe with light rather then electronic current. How do you light up a Christmas tree; that's shall not be asking that sort of question to the young physicist rather is a tradition that Christmas trees are to be lite up. This is often the most ideal, how creative work in an environment that is confined by a definition of function and common sense. Tomorrow this function will not be change, this custom and celebration of human spirit, as thus a regilious ceremony will not be different, and for creating the design the focus offer a very large area to work within, as the method and materialization for the rhetoric in design is further matter, creator is looking for new ways to bring transforming power to the tools that is in used. In the construction of cathedral or modern skyscraper the idea is within the very core of suspension and counter gravity and what is unlikely that the tower or the cathedral will be going 100miles into the ground. The unifying design for human as a creative species must understand that there are laws defying experimentation in question of the hypothesis of establishing culture or institutions, the aim for human progress must have consideration in founding of the movement in progress of the future.... There are no loner even if you are working alone, you are subjegated With the larger environment as partly describing the system of economics or ecologies on the creative stanzes. The aspect of ratio with what an architect to be or a craftsman of carpentry can share within a very large scale value economy to become a cool collaborator in the forefront of design league, just as scientist, writers and businessman come to do joint venture for like field in energy market, finacner teaming with advertising marketeer to create products with data scientist to service large corporation or institutions. The most unlikely collaborators will make the economy communicate for better and mutually in to creative economy() Then what is the culture that begin to create a market where real copies of the copy, the norm in and unprecedented return to nothing is swap... A black market that is driven up and above to the surface, the market that counter revolutionary product by imitating a very low grade process without using innovation from design matter that is. Heaply reproduced and cheaply copied without grading for quality supervision, the metronome that is not for measuring but keeping you off from the making beats in metronome. This oddly mechanical producer is not to be critiqued since the am hine for defiance and of defense is the same mechanism under a single political will, driven by the very principal of wealth shared by the same proletarians that has behaving like capitalist inside a stream engine of the industrial age operator. The guiding and the beamsmann.. from acknowledging the intensity of algorithmic print in our daily world we also need to see for ourself how to organise our components and physical computing in a way that best float to the top and lesser will stall in the bottom of the machine. The algorithmic actively sense our kinesis ort Kansai in the other of knowing not every floats or numeric activities, this one sense eo of-kansai are installed within some very large programme, likely in the design of operating systems/system architecture and the design of network architecture the age old question is after making a connecting concept with a comic book or a film, you arriving at the conclusion that there are more possibility in thinking as a being than as a function to becoming a matter of realism or reality..that projection of total REAKTU OR REALISM ISA AN experimental concept with experimental identity is co-existed in the like to c THE connect with our pre MOTION OR a priori An active algorithmic society in creativity the active logic or intense science is time in the finite of understanding that there are something in preorder or precision of changing the operating server without your permission. That isolate case study can be noticed very difference by user on the reality of their psychological imprint toward a society of conceal mainstreams and like crackers or hackers very different meaning and underminded ideologies. There are much to the surprise of network solution (not the company) that meeting for desk goner and conferences for design are getting far ahead on the headlines for individual and professional creators to part take in conference. The more dexterity creator are using computer as a tool for design, the progress of network driven characteristics are revealed through the system of mechanic for creatives. As overall the acclimation for the creator is the fountain of knowledge and experience, the characteristic that is driving the unique experience into the mainstream market, is an ideology that should be born naturally out towards the condition how support form and function are aimed to define the ideologies of popularity amount a confident market and execution to be the best product available. By the very identical type of production and typical limitation of shelves life, the product for the most outdated design, via principle for universal status in formalized ranges from option or safety's measurement and standardization of purpose, function and occidentality the design must both be a shell-served detained matter by the purpose that can condition to a higher demand for zeitgeist purpose. Without the demand for quality over quantities, are we going to expect screen properties are becoming more the necessity in our sociological machines. From incepting the concept of super thin display. This scale function to content design is a valid case for a shell mechanism to contain images and motion pictures for playbacks. This design is a device that is confined as a hardware that definitely change the traditions in display units. The scaling of this thin playback display is constructed for various reason, the formation of this design is a digital canvas thoroughly put in to utilitization for digital artists to display within a traditional format of a canvas from the proper ratio perspective of how painter stretching of their own golden ratio for a painting. The hardware will enable the display and playback of digital images, interactive motion images and pictures. The display can be supported on a frame similar to wood stretcher for canvas or the armature that create a structural framing to the thin display. The second phenomenon on this frame support is able to hold circuit printed directly on to the materials and hang on to the stretcher frame armature. Thus Connecting fabrics, thin display materials or printed canvas with circuitry to playback images and motion pictures in an interactive environment. The preservation from the digital domain and in perspective of data structure in meta characteristic for data driven formats for visualization for image processing, image display and motion playback. The creator will have these works of data format completion for as a ready made program or a finished product whereas the device in the frame(s) are preserved with their complete integrity as a transparent film like display for stretcher constructed in specific ratio as of the original data files and formats. Of the half life of data transfer and digital formats for big data structures, the output has also a design for audio outputs, like CRT or modern setup for LCD/LED display with playback and channel selection, the program of the thin device have super quality to interact in the environment for fabrication for printed light circuits to be addition on to their framework for reordering of the artist's programming, therefore the hardware replacement is design for the order of ownership of this limited edition device where circuits printed in a specific stage to be an edition to the data or files already stored within the circuit from the artist’s complete works. In addition to the author’s IP or copyright, these frames of working displays are compiled to the same ratio as a primary ratio in premier of art spaces and museums. And here the device will be edition (prints) for setting needed modification in scale or ratio, through to preservations. There are possibility to enhance the device in to logic boards and additional device circuit. Research —————————————————————————————— N-Eye wear Product brief Session statement Network and Goal Design statement N Reason Result PB Next level of eyewear and design for the extreme conditions. The level for the product is a materialization for the new production system. For design and performance, the levels are taking a new market of materialization, condition for those seeking a universal network of syndication in the believe who is truly at the edge of performance in levels upon levels. In the extreme condition the device is intended to focus, enhance and towards safety. Those who outcast the division of short-sight. The extreme weather-all, or ultra-violet glare. The idea are universal by standard by the design implemented. Next step in the focal point is to enhance the practice of designing the condition for the customization of design performed formula for eyewear, designer for products, products for performance. Network is the system of implementing the trend by understating the screen technology of the outcast production method. By the layer for protective division of lens technology, the information is past through a layer inside the condition of customization of technologically driven inslid. When we now have the standing out of materialized result of a product for brand patent. The information of level and network reality is not far in the reach of the point of sight and short end of the focus towards the wand of magic materials of transition. Next level for eyewear is a networking material to allow a focal point in sight for all level of condition. SS In the stand system of information and materials, the output is the vapor, body heat and stuff that keeps you from seeing through the leveling of the slope. Stand is by all a point of view that is clear and crisp from the wear's focal length. From the heat the body of sight is the system of influx and input of glare from the air, whether is snow or sun. The temperature is a result of performance condition, active change in the physical movement and position of the lens from the stand of sight. All focus is a set of information where we need to insight the movement with the area and content of out in the inlet of breakage for position and motion. By the design of standardization, the focus and force of explicit movement is design to keep the level and layer of construction at the effective venture for the producer and manufacturer. Now and later, the information should be keep to the level of understanding between the producer, design and manufacturer. And the knowledge of production is keeping to the management team for future funding and production design team for the design of the eyewear. NAG The management is result oriented, the focus of the company's goal is to be able to research and develop a standard type of design, to produce the product of eyewear for extreme condition and performances. The network is a virtual team of designer from within the connect of mobility for designer. Network also structure in the N-formula of Non-Linear theory of design, or in network architecture of the base information for the environment, facility and control. N-is always a next level of base designation for nexus focus. The POV of mastering the system of control. DS The data research, information development, sight memory for the material and much industry standard for the formation of the active product is by the collective of grain and salt. Not a standard set of information is keep in the device for memory, only through the state in development the data is kept. For knowledge in placing the product on to the market conveyor for distribution, the next document will cover the production cycle to the end of the line of distribute and operations. Documentation of sales and distribution NS R The project brief Introduction Presenting the latest navigation for the the extreme sports performance optics. Details is the native Control is the program Direction accomplish The diversity in navigation is more about the detection, the GPS and the objective of the end user and performer. Timeless and movement —————————————————————————————— Sensing Liquid metal Circuit design Chip design Printable circuit Fiber optics Memetics


for as far a we know it, the land just didn't end there. and perhaps we can see by looking back in to the time when we know as far as the end of the land go, the people will too roam there. most of all, the likely end of the world is all but a hypocritical never ending story, and the more you will see the exploration, and those who took the chances to journey to the furthest corner of the world, there what you will see is only a handful cold soul wrapped in to their own might and will. all these time, we know those characters are all place hold, free willed status of followings and followers. and other world we know what we need is the spiritual side of those we haven't understood, by all means their culture is a standard, the very standard that they will select outside of their own, changing and those who have make the transformation of whoever you choice to encounter. In South America, perhaps I am already too late, without noticed of those have made the transformation and place hold of religious and sacrifices, who are the artefacts, and where are the reality of living inside a cyberneticism. we are no kinds and allow the hollow of the trees, stones and lamp of the future all seemed so futile…without knowing how to escape the night route. are we stupid enough to proceed with looking at the singlarity, the ideology of our world changing to behave rather like that parody of bloody murder and confine institution of the ancient cities. the trails, the stone and land so much more than end and meets, nothing have transformed the end, we faster we know how to survive by the standard, the very standard the we see within the thelos, the rather hardship of tourism or in withstanding the pre-concept of lengthly implementation of materialism, the real meat that we know as if we are further again leaving for the chaotic morning and sending message and producing short films to get acceptance from our never-ending story, would that be some kind of justice and gentrify smokes. Inside me, I feel there are many more years to speak about the general hope of others and then those who have loved their kindra of tails, chirping with the little reminated love song. And one cannot bypass the issue we seemed to have captured so much and long ago on film and photos, the land is a ramenist of the chance we all hard, the decision being place upon the lone. the day, and any other way, looking around, finding that there are more water, more terminals and yet those reason of acknowledging, that the simile of historian are verbatim, without see that we are instile to find that the existence of human, me(n)ta Andes, live and on going with a breath of thinness and condition of asking those direction where thousands of urbanite seek to retreat and return to their morning monday calendar, perhaps the living is likely less of know that life in the rim, the sole creator who have traverse over the peak and downwardly seeking for the reruns of the reanimators, that is kindly to those people seeing others as poets of opportunities. we do not know how often the real light can be so artificial, as deminishing vanguard of opposition in the race to the moon. As that saying goes; the transformer and by all mean a standard of living better, and the receiver are but place hold through the hourglass, grinding away formal, proper and unwilling to make that damn decision. As the matter end today or tomorrow what are we standardising, and how to manage so many more engagement at your best manner, and rather is not going through the day as we hold on the keyboard of the future, the sparks that roam the hills and mountain in the long winter/summer, that impulse are all too well received and quickly left away from your own devices, then language are no longer gaining a remarkable disappearance act? there are things no logic can foreseen how we will hold the future, and not only the sample event are demo for fun. and more of us throwing in the towels each and every single POV, we are more than who we are and how to more from ons zone to replenishing the characters and explicitly changing much of the people who would actually speak the status of the choices out of there…. From the beginning, a solitude task is always hard to accomplish, and the state of snow and the condition that the weather is report threat is that the theory in the sciene of global change is that after the human efficient and the reimaging of the planet's idea for knowledge in the change in climate, and by far the idea of value in the culture of snow sports and the design in equipment, the proposal to position in scientific design for human condition….

further more sudden the out come are predictable, more over the land setup to approaching the outlanding of the top over the lookout porto. the idea is a simplication of applicated reason, and if not only connecting to the mass of overtly indenied mindset, their conversations are often very misleading and lost of strenght or signals. How can you find Rebecca M this slightly overturned style of topover silence and quipped unisance in the order of getting help in the dime light of the echo centriple, even when the recovered signals are longtailed towards the furthest protuding sight, their odds are very unlikely going to be escaped by the shallowtail of the hilltops. She have driven throughout the city of observatory and ideally once flight is ready, the strip of landing will appear upwards and sideways across the valley and slightly protuded by the safety measures for the unknown gramma tones. M. is overall established mistake in their passenger seats, understated as the tall layards of the fixer, ad hoc cyclist and in the morning of destination of falling waters. "We are uncommon and will not grant the openness of such kind of sods..., there you mightly take string of destruction or drive westway to destructions." "Far in a cry of a river, master is melded and savory towards the signaling of the distance strips.... Might you see further in search of tru tail dials." said R.M. Communications.


This is a new global times, a new global arms race that have placed onto the map of the new market economies, the devepolment of the warfare far from the eye could see… a new virtual army rises into the fore front of the developed and the newly developing super power houses. There are no agenda, needed to be an emphasis since the reality of where we are going is going towards an very divified field of specialization. The world is now connecting by the very geography as we are at the beginning of an industrialized warfare of the air. This is a secret that many do not want to come to realized is a secret and a deceit that we might lose the war on information all together with those who are inconceit of their own secrecy that air domination is not in sight of the clouds raid….