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I have walked out of many doors and re-enter many more. And up to this point of running out of stream I realized that creating a piece of writing to tell why we do what we do, is likely a way to come to reflect on the good things that's been done and the silly things we have created ourself to get a messy result. There are always a better sense of freedom with the press, or aspect to assume you are the designer studying to become a professional, whether is going be managing or programming design. The diversified field in design are often blur between working in a group environment and moving into the world of freelancing. All of the above can provide you a sense of liberation if you can contrast the job satisfactory quotient. And we shall not make the liberty to say that more jobs makes more money!? For there is nothing as silly as creating a movement and end up just like a knife in butter. Or stupid design takes on months to create and many more years to finished. I believe this project is one of those things that will take years to create and never ever ready for publication. To appreciate your work and your design, one need not compare them to the great or the fake. There are many points to be taken for in the advance of learning how to create something worth while. In many circumstances, the world are full of creative people, who practice bad design as well as creating genius design solution for their client. In the deep end of the sea, we might agreed there are more bad design out there then good, or perhaps to say that there are a lot of underpaid designers out there working for much less then what they should be getting. One of the question is that why design cost so much to get it to be good or recognized, that is something we shall find out here in this book. As well as the absolute system of design, when should I quit as a designer and go work elsewhere as a project assistant or whatever you might like to do, other then working as a designer! More is less, facebook groups, blogs, twitter, or whatever you might find these designer are using to keep you close to their project and profile. One aspect of the web 2.0 stage is a creative stage for creativity to make objectivity to come for what you are there to find. A shop or a work of a director on youtube. The connectivity for finding peers to achieve the goal to play flash games online, shop from a crowd sourcing design website for furniture, for example, those are where concept is driven out of the household of the middle class and intermittently changing the landscape of the creative class. The social network From QBN, Computerlove, Behance network or to linkedin. We know networking is often a must have skill to acknowledge you science in the community and even within the industry for creativity. The everyone’s movement, not likely is a political entrance, you can do badly in school and still come out ok phase. Are creators suppose to be radical, a bit nutty like a mad science lab student. Much of the time creative could be spending too much of their time chasing after clients, or less time on their design, whereas some spend hours or even days to create the perfect look in a flier or posters. The far stretch of the world’s end is like the designer’s own plato cave, you know how to execute a design problem, the thought process when you are isolated from the community will make your design look fuzzy. The focus in how you treat the artwork, with even the smallest client, although client is most of all the most difficult aspect of design since they come to you with a problem in mind and hope you can make them feel better, mostly because themselves do have no capacities to do so. As a convention for learning and education in design. Formalism is always a way to study from the great father and forefathers. The past have taught designers that what we must be looking at in order to learn about the way to become and how we shape our path. In front of us, the world have changed but education and training have not. Why do I believe that working as a designer had not given us a place hold in the history book but instead we have to relearning everything that was taught to us in school and from our first job we ever held. Keeper’s goal post, in football. To learn how to do good design, you might have been told often that this will never be a good, the idea is out of the box, you critic say with an intend that the wrong color and bad form are irrational. We know the campaign for Apple computer "Think different!" is always in the back of our minds, but can we really think different on the design that we do, is there room socially to be accepted in the world of reactionary and fundamentalism. As commercial world dominate us to create copies and duplicates, are we learning how to become great copy artists and forge on formalism from traditionalist and commercial copy-typist. The good guys in design, often are those who have decade of experience within the industry, knowing how to deal with questions, solutions or rather keeping a job at the agency, they become more accredited towards their own work. And generally speaking their idea can stand out from the moment they strive the mark at creating an unique product or project. Thus far from the maddening world of design and creativity, the oblivious place is where you feel most demanded. More and more, now that creative spending time within their home, and working from their small loft and studio. In urban area the prices for rental and housing is rising.[] In several decade of urban living, city like New York, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo and now Beijing are becoming hubs for achieving the state of revival and renewal. The old city center are mostly for artists to find cheap rental of abandon factories or warehouse to re-habitate. Whilst smaller space to habitate a drawing space or a computer in the late early 90’s, designers are out and looking for the perfect office and studio for use. The creative city are a rising star amount the acknowledge centers for the art and design. Due for renew are city like Shanghai, Beijing, Barcelona, Liverpool and other sub-tier cities in the west. Likely this movement for designer to find space for accommodation are going to set off a new urbanism that have been active for the last and the next two decade to come. Out of the water, cold ocean wind bring you down to your shoulders. All you wanted to is get back into the water. Into a world where the subjugation to demand work is always the most important aspect of livelihood. The contract to create more demand in work and life, the spread have allow work solitarily to working in teams, collaborating with more people from the industry. As often as we might have been told, work is only a beginning of road that you will travel, experience come further than what you are told to do. There are obviously some truth to that. Urban hubs and cultural trend in workable and livable space are mostly cities dweller looking for both of the best in their own private practice. For many cities the creative is going through a lot of changes especially in the Asia.[] Allow the causes to become a treaty between you and business minded creative. The trainspotting for business professional have been told how difficult to work with creatives. The management are the complaint from the sales guy whom are looking more at the numbers then actually thinking about the product that they are producing. Many designers like myself have difficulty holding on to their jobs. They are not bad at design, purely their thinking is just too radical to be accepted with traditional design practice. The foothold of the comfort-zone for a radical designer is a pipe dream, and even the designers’ have come from a traditional training or education, they believe that they can make a difference. And thus this is a place where we will discuss with designers how radical designers should fit in with everyone? Or should they ever conform to bad judgement with a rationalé. Liber dessinate are often the product of the radicalism in judgmental experiments. More you know about how to seek out the design problem, the most you know that someone else is next to you doing the same assumed task. When you are most comfortable with the solution, problem begin to accumulate from another perspective. The reality of a design exist within the consciousness of the client. Whether is a team of manger or a team of creatives, they are always looking at way to improvicate the cost of lighting up their work loads. If they are asking for quality in the work, the project for example is a program interface. How could you suppose to have the work computed without a machine, something that radicalism in presenting the program would need some reorganization. The Long tail, are we creating more difficulty for the future generation, higher expectation and less freedom to control our schizophrenic society[deleuze] The reason, are as difficult to process as are program hard to write. The way we have learn in the past of using computer is through books and courses. Much now the ways have move to the online library and digital library like to you handhelds and phones. The way of digitization for books and magazine have always been the dream of most bookseller and politician to entrepreneur in silicon valley. Since the day of postscript and DTP, now has become digital content and new media design. The arrival of reading device interface with a touchscreen base Operating system have allow enlisted publisher to produce new media capable version for the digital market. The generation which is coming to learn how social media and youtube will spend more time on learning how to network interface their friends and get popular.[] The radical designer tend to create a lot of work that is bad for their own taste, they try hard to follow the regular designer and generate the same kind of design that everyone wants to see, and they fail. They fail to pass themselves with the aesthetic or the form, plus they would work hard but without any fruitful results. They are not good negotiator and tend to fire client way too often. When many times a week, designer have to make the travel through city from country or even having to take flight to make use of their hours to spend in meetings out of their living quarters and into studio that they have to freelance. The hours of being able to work from your own living space have been a causality of the home office computing. This is likely the smartest invention of the late twentith century for laptop becoming the premier choice for designer and filmmaker. Their kitchen or living room are where they have graphic design done, their bedroom are the communication space for email, documents and editing. Even the bathroom can become meeting room for skype or other VOIP tools on their laptops. To wake up from finding yourself out in the cold, thinking about how to improvise the presentation, perspective or treating the bases of this big job interview. Here we want to get in the comfort zone to amend those judgement. To come find that there is possibility and opportunity within the most incur within the design industry. Chaos in creative minds Confusion with the idea that you first wanting to design, a program that new to develop, and time have been wasted to question the problem rather then creating solution by the design mind. As design mind become more available, the like of the online present will grow from data and content driven companies to use these space to create a network. The work of the design should ready for the market and for the use of their own social network where value is starting near zero. A digital company have storage, a design company that have gone digital need to have storage anywhere since they most like will reach further into different urban hubs in tomorrow business. Some time ago, several days of out of the week presentation are need to be created by design studio. Likely if you are in school, presentation are always a weekly product of your studies. Why is presentation highly rated amount education and business? To start from an idea to deal with the reality of daily development of a designer, more time you will find people oriented designer become better and better at what they do. By keeping the ability to manage more of your time and to create work that deal with time. Creative work in those hours when you are mostly not thinking about relativity, and the design is often take up more memory then space. [] Everyone have to start somewhere. From a spread sheet operator, to become professor at UCLA. Come to think of it, Casey is unlikely for most whom have worked together in the early years in New York City to believe he is completely the radical form of design splash programmer. To progressively learn about design, Casey took courses at NYU extension to learn C programming and before that he is an illustrator doing artwork by cutting and pasting. The idea is as uncommon, thus is an choice to make you way up from knowing how to accomplished your task by training to learning the bases of computations. Come to think of it, design is not a principle of what an economy needs. The work in general for a designer is rather superficial, a kind of cosmetic for the eye and lifestyle of the rich. As general as design might be many books been written on why creative and design have such a stigma in the culture where we live. In the west design is increasing to be part of the fabric of social needs and necessity, at least generally speaking. In the east design and designer are still struggling tremendously to educate and impress the general population to take on design more seriously from a cultural point of view. As developing nation are struggling with the economics of manufacturing as the core industries. Design is the poor cousin that need to set things straight with other siblings. To take flight, to momentarily remind that people like those who are professionally trained creator, often work in solitude. As developed nation are spending huge sum of money in to research and development and have new invention of products to be made in the developing nation, these products are in termed copied and re-fabricated in the counterfeit market to be sold of a fraction of the original OEM price. As we know counterfeiting is a huge problem in the developing countries, and something odd to be mentioned here in this book. For designer's or radical thinkers are always having woos and don't on the problem with copying products from their poor cousins in the family. Rather to repeat your training whether is through an agency or in school. The products are often another repeating, so is your career. Unless you are chasing after a celebrity to get married, that way you will know for sure how you will stand out from a crowd. Nevertheless design is all of the above, repetitive, celebrated, and to stand out. Design in developing nation In principle, nations that invest in design are often turned to become a creative nation. An idea based on democracy and freedom of press and speech. A creative nation have these properties, such as having numerous higher level in educational institutions in the creative curriculum. A large population of their residents practices as creative professionals, and creative industries are widely spread within the GDP.[1.BWeek 2.intelligent] Individual Designer who works alone in their studios What we seemed to find within the language and the design matters of the self is the brain of operation environment; the studio. Every and many of those who run the brain is alone. An operator perhaps a designer, and where they formalize the language of stylization or method of development, not all is a mental thing. Much of that come to be sweat, with a learning curve that will never really plateau. And as the designer whom have been taught with the tools that they have on working within a training facilities, this designer will have a brain, or the environment he/she would like to work with, whether is another facility, a living area, a bedroom or studio. There are very too many individuals whom are autodictic and been working from studio with their own level of training. They can understand as well as those who have been had diplomas, or training from higher education and institutions, the idea of spending long hours behind you bed or inside the apartment where you live, work and stay have become so important to eliminate the changing condition of digital technologies as a requirement to become better at creating the show, the film or the music winner of the grammy, and here we know digital identity is becoming harder to confront with the network we have created from the day we learn to socially accept invitation or responded with the deliverance. The moment you step off you bed and into the desk, the separation of the world is at the most exceptional movement in an instance. The idea coming from your mind as a psychological response to the music in your device, playing to the dance you bring to your portal of creativity. The digital world can identify your mood, the diaspora of social engineered prison of your mental state, the disregarding of private live of the creator,noise from the street, the people you live with and the connection on social network all is a force by your own network of your mentalism. The noise left you wondering how long you have time to work before your hours of creativeness is left, how emails and messages, shouting or bleeps from your laptop or cell phone starts to send you off into another space in front of you. The fact is clear, we are constantly bombarded with ideas, sound field and visual synthesia. When you sleep you mind have dreams of unwanted message, image or character of an unknown reason. The rime of state of sleep can be rather like the internet, the portal to a world you have yet to discover. Here the journey is to read about the story how some of the creative who have venture from the bed and to their studio, their own creative space for knowing how dream is achieved by taking response to the world they have to manage in order to become the artist that has told us more about becoming and overcoming the force in the mentalism and overall understanding their network within such physicality of mind by not social engineered by corporate state of the status quo. **The state of the machine_for crying out loud_shut up_LOL** The world is getting smaller, as we notice the journey to the centre of the earth is nearer, what is exactly in the centre, the humanity of the world reset within a core of issues that we constantly trying to reveal, the politic of work, friendship and relationship. The image of your appearance, your lifestyle and your work place and living condition. The entertainment choices, music, interest of reading and film topics. All, and always will become a causality of your choices you make to understand the world you live in and people you are interactively learning to co-exist. More than just a switch of your EQ to learn that you have become socially unresponsive with the centre of the earth, where you know creator is really trying to put you off from living the image you hope you like to live. And this is back where you know dream is a world far apart from the characteristic you like to put accord to acknowledge there is really how information is perceived and received. These are sets, a logic how we think we understand the informational world where it once stood below the group objectivity and into the portal of what we can received and conceived by other subjectivity of carefully selected programmes to attract you to perform below or above the status quo. Herefore, the philosophy of the lone creator is getting less time to do what they have obviously want to plan to do within their workstation, their management is rather best to be collaboration although not all creators like to do collaboration from habitual or methodology by characteristic in a driven state. at any time you learn to find the way around a building or a place, find a signage is most likely the best way to get the direction needed for the emptiness like a canvas or your imagination, there is no wayfinding signages and neither there will be creative connections or guiding light path to your creation. a bio-pattern signature can be a sign from how you make the realisation of an idea from good over less of, and then as often I notice that the learning is typically within how your development from the moment a decision made towards a skillful mindset of getting all your senses into a unique time movement. An active motion of creating as in a past tense, with these days the operation with the question of rhythm in motion, like taking a camera(-1- (distance/width.angle)) and shooting and snapping photos, you make those connection by using all you senses to accomplish the assistance of the machine you already made the contact with. As we begin to acknowledge the connecting pieces of time movement, you can then break the bracket of experiencing the new connectivity, whether you attention is focusing on a subject, a person or a monitor in front of you is always a newly design system, like the machine learning more about your intelligence, and in reality it is mostly a faulty ideology since, facts are indeed showing you their intel, like a movement in the social network when the design of each individual is learning some new information and leaving a message or posting a new link on Facebook, the intelligence for the performance or order of operations is the new network for connectivity, the milliseconds of change is giving the user the information of level of changes in the movement of the bots to exchange newly formed imaginative styles, whether you can acknowledge that the act is information or disinformation. An activity of independent planning is under the so new and yet so over looked panoticon ideology [what is cinema?]. We as creative in all set up our studio, or room to make the kind of creative practices to photocopy a very important lie of the historical analytics internet age. For instance, the programmer or hacker who invented a new surveillance programme or a graphic design moving the brick and mortar of pixel to render some new intelligent collage of a realism interior of man and machine, and whatever the outcome of efficient process, the emphasis can be achieved by a standard we called art history. This is render as a notion of intellectual experience, and working in a manner of speech, must be created by design or input through the light by an arranger or user of a host experiment. In the word “design” is a form of “de” and “sign” without making a guessing the cofunction, the experimental attaché is clear of example from the pre digital age. The rise of education in class and social institution, like universities are very different from individuals who learn through a process.[Sartra?] A building is like a living organism, the process in formalising the activities within, function is it as gates and formations of definitive user activity. These gates are means to involve human activities, they chain to their dynamic probabilities of entropy and function of casualty, unlike the encounter of functional aspect of a meeting place and square in a city block, involvement of the levels of function is an order of dynamic shifting protocols and conditioning from the image of design internally and proper aspect of aesthetic in life changing process of a social consciousness, and then you might want to argue over the social consciousness for between social contracts or engineer of sheer logic of demand and supply as an economy of space, the idea of construct the very building of a mind space, are internalized as much as a habitation for the ritual to per quo pro engineered living. As one begin to make learning parts on emptying the meta of our design by going through the daily operations, the change within the reality of experiencing the how we see the perspectivity on the activity one find in the common changing language from our ritual, as in the feeling of someone religiously looking for an answer, and then empty is like those with empathy with the search for an answer, the trend of leaving behind some spatial identity is more important than some superficial memories that have been plug into other people experimentation of a higher expectation. A part from leaving the design life of the salesman, the implied function for your life can grow but organically. Although how timing is everything, then how about every time you buy a thing, you know what exactly you will need from that very moment onwards. This is something a good design can serve you and other in that void of a storyteller, yet can help you filter out the standardise living of the daily operation to lessen a burden to style that is you find what is in front of you. The time duration of everything is very much an architecture structure condition(ASC) in the printing, planning for movement and design of the designer, when you accolade these condition of a very densely planning, the returning gates of occupying functions are connected seemingly more rapid and transforming the ASC data to become massively entropic to different set of revolutions. As we proceed to understand how spatial temporal sound like in a high density space with in the stereoscopic of street level is reacting, there are chances of knowing how the creative environment inform us independency vs. codependency to proper functions in chance to find producer working at a level in for a higher entropy bio-pattern [ø + onto, internet], then from the levels where he or she derivate from ground zero up. At a precise location in space, there are also a precise time, the character are there to locate, and knowing how we can find the right position within the spatial condition from flowing through different points. **digitally sized** From able to edit any documents from anywhere at anytime, the processing power of our future is questionably more about advancing the concept of our life at work then asking the same question as if I am sitting in the office and about to head to the mountain to a resort called Bariloche in Argentina.... As we know the concept of the office have been desecrated and logistic of office hour has been more entropic then the last hunting or gathering activities there are before the civilization of printing and industrialization of modernize world. Only we as human are becoming more active with the time we have and then as if we are ideally more likely to use a tool to occupy individually then working as a group like interactivity. The design of our office, studio and laboratory is design to build the interactivity that is intended to relative language of constructive management of our (mode of operation modu...) **the collective** the impact of geolocation, logic of entropy and organization thoery in management, a collective of **uni-linear future, an unlikely plannings** the human condition and the population designed around the dwelling for mankind is a sample of years of concentrative individualist and collective of think tanks..[urban Plannings] and the artifectural realities of creating holiday determinism, venture capital centre and renewal of ambivalence of natural selection of geographic associationism we have entity that farms, shape and recreate a simulation of the obsurd and a theatre of activism.

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