Computerization of sound architecture

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  • A letter to an anonymous traveler

    Hi xxxx of Design Practice™,

    I am on the train from Beijing to Shanghai, and finally get to read your presentation and strategy statement, it is very interesting, and enjoying every moment that I am still reading it along the way. It is a wise decision for us to work on something difficult and natural in the design matter of a design that everyone else would be able to use and feel how we design and understand the progress of design matter. My knowledge of graphic and font design it ain’t as deepen as you know it best. I am rather more like a structuralist then a constructivist, every time I need to work out my theory and idea because I am analytically taking chances to create individuality from my design, although I take a toll from doing that in such an experimental way. I think the chances of changing a lot isn’t always the outcome of my work, I am looking at most form will follow a function like the architecture Mies Van Der Rohe, Ludwig life without the structural side of things would not standup without a fight. And out of nowhere to have a design it is reactionary rather than constructive. It is more destructive to imagine that there are someone before you or after effectively using a design by someone in obscurity without giving credit to the artists before. • Although the goal is to create an entirely new Font and I have been exciting since the first day I said how brilliant to see Helvetica on film and learning more about font and structure in the design. • As you can tell characters in a personality as well as personnel is within the design matters. And me being more understanding with myself then my personal work is very important and I can help you to improve on the outcome on some the the types we can put out. I am never stop understanding and learning about Font design and typographer on becoming slightly weird with photo-design and typically learning new built FONTS. • A moment is like we are a train moving in high speed an designer understanding the Nature vs. Nurture in typography, when tradition tells us to take idea from nature and design around nature especial when we become so artificial and robotic. • Conceptualism in Capitalism, as a means to reveal that the concept is much more social and capital is the mechanical AND INDUSTRIALISATION for material and physical choices, in we that we program to know if I were to design a font I would like to see not only used by writer, typography but by calligrapher, and graphic design. Everything is understand through design and strategy is in; essentially a critique of our status quo. How we are ingrate in to the life of a DJ for exception example can be a thought in terms of the more for convergent and more likely a controversy than popularity demand and that’s why maybe a reason a scientist, persona and artists need to utilised the most difficult task of the day to create font when coming to understand the personal trait in terms of personal growth.

    ——————————————————-END of PART I—————————————————————

    ————————————————————PART II———————————————————————

    There are some form of automation in the writing for the on going sections in the precise mannerism in structural idea and theory but backup on the idea of formation and school of thoughts, the end process of information selection and the ether of memories in the thinking of social formation like gaming and nonlinearity in design seemed that the grand idea of corporation have lead the outcome of thinking socially and ideological with the big picture is just a game accepting projecting a normal hyper extended view of sage theory of identity and personal fringe beliefs rather that having thinking being becoming the status quo and in research of monumental output for crisis and material understanding of that generation for an absolute result and conditional change is becoming more unnecessarily as a disbeliever of the sequence of non-human form. The fabric with in me as a part of the machine instead itself, thinking as a machine unique to the world theory is therefore my after thoughts in the philosophy [another theory] is no longer that we need to displace the theory "I think therefore I am" with a religious statement of "I believe there is a god and not of the gods" since the analogue of the future is I can make just a clone of myself but not of oneselves but millions more ways. THAT is still what I will never research on the status of the gods because why projected a reality and not of the multiple universe. And if you will believe that “there is a universal truth then not only if it is only just a philosophy and it is likely the parts of the sum of its part." as if you do believe that Rene Descarte and David Hume have a fundamental disbelief of god vs. man or Human to be in conditional sense of theory bounded by the fundamental truth of man vs. superman in the most unnatural need of information theory, we are in the precise time in our years that human need to naturally accept the gods in human and not an universal life of dis-simulate yours days and hours of generation of I know how you think and thinkwise you know my thinking is same hour of the day as you in mind and soul. But in the precise manner of days and nights your thought is in a Delia limit of dilemma spatial temporal problem of quadant theory of memory patterning and spatial arrangement of yourself within the temporal quant of universal selection of discrete generative genetics and the I don't care kind of  philosophical stance because you have standardised everything?!! But in terms of that whom do you referred that to? The question of philosophy is one of the oldest science on the planet and if you are trying to explain philosophy so good luck, since you have gotten rid of theory as an spirituality for repetition but you have forgotten to switch on the machine called Discipline? And then it was whom we speak to record everything that is within your rather self engulfed by theory of everything is thinking the result is a delia limit of dilemma because rather of the religious more fundamental thinking is likewise you have to select the kind of spatial temporal theory of everything and not to accept a complex of your fundamentalism of doubt within man, soul and I think therefore I am to end the process.   If in fact our solar processing of fundamental thinking is through a variation of sound wall the programme of thinking is indeparture of independence wall of sound that requires memory and momentum that require talking of a nonlineari and without understanding of what it meant in term of understanding the true section of the double set of information and data but you might be about to formalise the datum of information during mixing of cross-selection of that but still it is not unthinking the processing of forgetting.

    By Jimmy Howe Shanghai 2018/11