Computerization of sound architecture

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  • Detone scripting

    There are sound of automation in my writing for a on going sections for as long as I praxis; in the precise mannerism in structural ideas. And the theory isn't backup on the idea of formation and school of thoughts. The end of processing of information or selection are in the ether of memories, in thinking, my thought of social formation like gaming and nonlinearity in design seemed to have grand ideas of corporations that have lead to the outcome of thinking socially and ideological with the big picture is just a game of accepting and projecting a normal hyper extended view of sage theory identity. For personal fringe believes we are rather producing to have that and this. And to having to think like a thinking being has becoming the status quo. From research of momumental output for crisis, the materials that is understanding this generation for an absolute result for conditional changes are becoming unnecessarily a disbelieve of the sequence, in the non-being but as a fabric of me as a part of a machine instead of yourself thinking as a machine unique to the whole. As to put thoughts into whom philosophy, theory is no longer needed to displace another theory "I think therefore I am" with a religious statement of "I believe there is a god and not of the gods" since the analogram of the future is to be said, I can clone myself million of ways but still I will never reach the status of the self because why projected reality is automatically believing that "the universe is truth and is only a sum of the whole then it has to be a part instead of sum of its path." As there are we to do come to believe that Descarte and Hume have a fundamental disbelief of god vs. man but do intend to be in the conditional sense of a theoretical bounds of questioning theories by fundamental truth of man vs. superman in the most unnatural needs of information theory, and then putting in the precise space-time continuums in summation of our years that human need to naturally accept the gods in human and not an universal life of dis-simulate yours days and hours of generation of I know how you think and thinkwise you know my thinking is same hour of the day as you've in the mind and soul. But in the precise manner of days and nights your thought is in a De-lia limit of dilemma spatial temporal problem of quadant theory of memory, patterning and a spatial arrangement of yourself within the temporal quant of universal selection of discrete generative genetics and that by saying I don't care what kind of philosophical stanza is, because you have standardised everything?!! But in terms of that  to whom do you referred that to? The question of philosophy is one of the oldest science on the planet and if you are trying to explain philosophy so good luck.

    Since you have gotten rid of theory as an spirituality of repetition but also you have forgotten to switch on a machine as we speak to record everything that is within your rather self engulfed theory of everything that was thinking previously and lead to the result, is a de-lia limit of dilemma because raher of the religious interest of a more fundamental thinking, this is likewise you have to select the kind of spatial temporal theory of everything and not to accept a complex of your fundamentalism of doubt within man and soul.

    I think therefore I am to end the processing? As if in a factual logic, our solar processing of fundamental thinking is through a variation of sound wall the programme of thinking is in departure of independence to a wall of sound that requires memory and momentum that require the format in nonlinear and without understanding of what it meant in term of understanding the truth of cross section and reference within the information and data but might be able to format the datum of processing during mixing of a cross-selection of that particle mixing but still it is not the "thinking processing."