Computerization of sound architecture

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  • Audio visuals geometry

    In 1996 December issue of wired magazine, Neal Stephenson wrote an article in the magazine. The "mother earth mother board" He is an American Science fiction author from the early 90s.

    As the light goes out with Neal Stephenson's uses on why is the analogy of fibre optics, the usage of Internet that congest and travels around the globe in unison if not comparing to the knowing how packages on the Internet carried through out the world but not knowing the fuel tanks of gasolines in cars are need to be refuelled.

    There's nothing infinite about resources on this planet, the finite of energy and the art object of infinity could be used to compare the world of art and science Fiction. Since the 1950s removed from process into the age of computer Science and technology System. It is fashionable to say these days we have Cybernetics and willing to turn practice to a "Form of Arts and crafts," and behave creatively, but with only a single vision staring back into the mirror. We do not see ourselves able to look much further into the future when it just looking back at us. Since every piece of music created today only ephemeral with our constant upgrade for the computer servers I thought  it is responsible to talk about metaphoric Space time concept. I'm afraid to say Technology is not the bell curve is shouldn't be a bell curve because it shapes more like what we have plan for ourselves in this economics and even the word technology is a resonance in techno music function.

     We might get past the stage of digital and domains web browsing but not from the information age could have plans for the human race. Seeing information in this context, the assumption is we find adaptation through stories in both films and visuals but not getting longer in time-duration because we're only getting closer to the tools we have in content creation to use technology to make manifestation on group paradox or I call this economy of familiar. Any time in objectivity is the contextualise network from another set of datum Renaissance Impact us to no longer conceptualise as a form of artist's personality instead of the avant garde.