Computerization of sound architecture

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  • polyrytmi (a word in Finnish) polyrhythm

    Notice that the subject of creating the prototype from extrusion and the science in cooling and heating by choosing the right material to generate enough energy and design metaphysic to go through the processing of creating a generalised artwork from aa 10 years research yet the writing architecture in geomaterial and parametric structure is always a bit of a random access.

    Create a music metaphor from the digitalisation from processing in the open source hardware to take the step of primitive design and forms through visualisation of computerised music and y wish to take that into development is a must to use "form follow function" or can it be vice versa....

    In the step taking the realism as a structuralism or accelerationism are in suitable order of French formalising manners?

    Far from knowing the simple formation or transformation in the mathematic world of codebased milieu or the art of Parametricism in Architectural Design.

    In any form of notations the echo of sound, reflection of macro noise index for an identity in  from retro-movement in a latter sense of Asian growing those mega structure and high density of human populations or even in the design system for human's universal design system.