Computerization of sound architecture

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  • Project: Re-code Programme AQUILO

    The Cut-up process by far a non-definitive technique. The choices are by spatial mode and work as a complete piece of sound, and by ignoring on that level to only focus on the sound is a turning point in vicissitude. And in act of an imitation of core complexity - off the wall.

    The EP is designed for use as information of ambient acute sound that will accompanied any layers of percussion track or individualized spatial nodes. In visual, when the programme, like a DAW are cutting away from the main units of temporal sequence, a layer could create a bass track or drum effect to position with another drum sequence. Without the need to further understand the structural whole and the uniquely placement of this elemental soundtrack, the node are by transition effects. The only other reason to speed up or slow down the principle track to apply visual to another spatial bridge layer via sequencing.

    My audiolization for create a medium of sound for the visual is by far unmapped otherwise sampled with the temporal of the beat selector.