Computerization of sound architecture

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  • Open System in Sound for Linux

    In any form of notations the echo of sound, reflection of noisenessless by identification from retro-movement in a latter sense of Asian growing those mega structures and high density of human populations. This Experimentation works in to the mindless defunct of the idea when we can no longer function unaccept the experimentation of representation of a strategic system of surface seeing, almost if you have been leveling upon the higher plateau of a budding building within a highly dream like struncture of architectural manifestation of Stanton Warriors and David Bowie ambient disco influences.

    **Even if the cut up technics is instead division of spatial parts and equal as a processing piece like flow of information, the level of whitenoise is turn in to Visual Blocks, act as an immitation on the core complexity, when sound is design via a complete piece of information and briefly accompanied a layer of percussion when individualized spatial nodes move between virtual visuality the programme should recognized the cut-away main units of composition sequence and the smokemachine will display an element of visual change via an immersive bassline sequence. Without having to further understand the structural whole I cannot yet give the uniquely identity placement in an elementary soundtracks, but these nodes or EECT(Electronic Experimental Computer Technique) are the architecture of preconception. Open sound Architecture is a link towards the new environment from starting to learn about computer system and music.