BlockCode Return By NNLR

**From display in festival of 2D visual projection to the intention to use visual mapping FORM to create a newly preconceptualization in the far eastern shore of sudden intervention of theoretic sound discourse. The main idea of architectonica can only construct sound produced by the variously method of cutting and resample. In the new milieu of science in sound from projecting the emptiness, the identity in transitional isolation and noisy gamafication, the art project of large urban context of cities massive growth in country like China. The sense of finding in long and cahou identity for network city signified horizontal verticality of something like "interlaterus" is underminding the conceptual principle the virtual movement intended on a processing of vertical and lateral movement.

The preceeding will be modified with newer studies and reference add. 

**When pattern of multiple tracks are in equal spatial range, sound is released formally, sound on sound technique via experimental ambient cutting/sampling technique or retriving sound. New construct from massive delinearity composed method. This collection of bass sound and beat selections is the identification for allowing a unique signature of notions via sound design resampling. An analogue sorting method like interlacing and pattern is theoretic by cutting the technique of sound pre-amplifications the cut and paste technics are dividing the complete unique arrangement modules....