Geometric design and anomaly in geometric can be consider hip these day and what is the definition for visual narrative when we progress towards an anomaly, at least that what I have been questioning in my visual music.

What I am understanding in today's world, the notice of running out of juice, the high demand from dreamer and then the most extreme interaction between collision of Worlds.

Our Visualization of vector space, here I found something worth thinking over on this concept of SVM - Support Vector Machine.

In sorting out the certain movement of a spatial temporal basis


In machine learning, kernel methods are a class of algorithms for pattern analysis, whose best known member is the support vector machine (SVM). The general task of pattern analysis is to find and study general types of relations (for example clusters, rankings, principal components, correlations, classifications) in datasets. For many algorithms that solve these tasks, the data in raw representation have to be explicitly transformed into feature vector representations via a user-specified feature map: in contrast, kernel methods require only a user-specified kernel, i.e., a similarity function over pairs of data points in raw representation.




In my hometown, this is mostly anti-climate.


World's don't collide here, they fade up and down. The clouds are below kind of polluted clouds (not those in ether or NLS)


And when you want a reality check this extreme climate of how the World not collides you will find it gravely integrated in Hong Kong and that technologies lives underwater and programmer swimming amount the sharks. Coder in a different sense is colliding in the a wall of graffiti and

music dark room.



In the classical sound sense


How does music rhythm in the machine age of nonlinear workstation and the dying art of musical notations that the instrumentals are coming from?!!

What I was thinking in term of the rhythmic in nonlinear DAW is simply and likely a defect in procedures. For example if you have the disorder of "Amusia" this definition of a disorder cite below....

Amusia is a musical disorder that appears mainly as a defect in processing pitch, but it also encompasses musical memory and recognition. Two main classifications of amusia exist: acquired amusia, which occurs as a result of brain damage, and congenital amusia, which results from a music processing anomaly at birth.

The diagnosis of amusia requires individuals to detect out-of-key notes in conventional but unfamiliar melodies. A behavioral failure on this test is diagnostic because there is typically no overlap between the distributions of the scores of amusics and controls.


There are a lot of work a producer can accomplished as a Kingpin of music, for example if you are a designer of any sort, this sound function or graphical sense, we need a lot of builder in code, or in research, but on what I am doing is leaning on a few Structural theory in music. By what we mean are we will be using a lot of resources to create visual structure and music functional, and spatial temporal concept to become contents entering the 21st century, my architectural design in New York City weaved in to a lot of hard work and memory demanding learning in all kind of disciplines.


Questioning the world is more important than just part-taking as an inquisitor, but learn all the tools and change will not affectively help you make plans or completely control the design in your production are absolutely a problem with social network memory or contents in the 21st century, kind of, but not an example or best example since we all like to read and listen to focus on life that's worth of living for. A more personal life or private space to enhance your senses are more important these days than a massive sensual overwhelmed network since I know a lot of personality can be developed through the beginning of personal ambient or spatial temporal network.


Peaceful in the mind is seldom an enhancement, it is a language you should practice and speak.

Notes on NLS Research

By focusing towards the way we produce sound Perhaps we need to focus on how we receive sound The environment is collectively building a data for the network of sound authority. Now if suppose we are building a network within the environment to create collectivity in the impaired like putting a fabric of invisibly to create information that is able to all understanding of subliminal information from data listener. The phenomenon of experimental sound existed as a form of identifying elemental notion from the occult and the obscure scene everywhere, but indeed the idea that existed in the plain and landscape of sky catcher or the cathedral of inner world that only finding out that our interior is non inferior by the brittleness and the cohabitation of egotistical and madness about social status within this region or the mentalities that existed in thousand plateaus. For example if we are building for hearing impaired individuals or perhaps weak impairment in what visualizing sound in tread how supposedly that inaudible system become a friendly reminder of repaired function when invisible data will be covering over the entire cities of globally from speech generators to human vibrations and of course the mechanical process of sound wall within the verticality of our cities. Towards the reasonable dimension of keeping an virtual state of flux, we cannot allow sound to be muted and only looking for investment that has no gains or return of investment. But only as repairman can do in the repairing for soundwall or treatment in audio treads. There are sound tactical design within the environment when sensitivity meets construction, per sa the focus in towards HOW WE PRODUCE SOUND. PRODUCTION IN SOUND has to be an input and output  function, intake of air and output of sound, for a localization of air intake of silent air purifier for example FOG  and air pollution will generate water and carbon dioxide molecules/nano particules. Sound in design as often as a by product of intake in non-reuseble or collection of sounds and that in sense  generate a vibro either by chance or via a responsive design of mannerism in reproduction in sound visualization. Although we have no chance of blocking the sound wall from the overall travels in the vertically in format and within a landscape, and for the most diverse soundscape is coming from all the walls within the building blocks of machines of living creatures. When you apply the use of mechanical reproduction ideas towards useless sound tactics/fractions of WHITENOISE a psychological statement is associated with memories and moods. FOCUS on verticality and localization of the grassroots' lost in translations has meaning both information and data. This focus are scale towards sound that has many attributes, for example within the sociological production of older architectures the sound tension is a visual idea without analytically designing natural homes for low rise housing as visual concept is more interesting and without lost in translations with lost of complex ideas. The future of science-fiction is not ceasing to be come more invented Invented invented Scala language.

N:LS Research-(ploy)mathematic in paper

When a random asset of array off geometric shapes a map into "l'abstract de groupe" of textual information or abstract writings like hashtag within a data space The random shape is geometrically design to recogize pattern and return result as a set of patternal design to singularity programming Mapping in the z, -z planes and multiply in x, y plane. These algorithm are design to dynamically working on 2D planar amd simulated on a 3D planar.

Programming ratio and scale Measurement in plotting images when compression in image graphic format(curvatures)

Radical shift from the time on the writing on music and imageries, the historian seemed to know that there are times when the paradigm does shifts in theory of spatial formula and equation in the knowns of mathematics beauty of control. 2 2 5 3 6 3

A typical particle of the production sequence Often is effective by the signals of composed Preparation in the design for synthetic materials With the difference in process of computational Models; Geometric topdown modeling.

When begin to produce music in the psychoacoustic space, a topic in structural understanding of the sound effect via change and modulation, sampling and from the idea of sonic version for voices, a tonal music composition in real shift node and spatial choice for composer to create their inner voice of psychoacoustic effect for spatial amplitude is far from the school of thoughts and project types driven by idea connected. There are many way to compose the sound organization but effectively for the producer, when crafting the soundtrack the story that drive visual music and sound is sampling by a far more subconscious set of visual memories. A psychoacoustic towards wayfinds to create dialectics of memory and membranes as if we can assume there are elements layering on the surface when memories can be triggered directly by a repeating abstract signs in our sensory and whom using some partial wavelength that are deep within the cortex of our neurosis sampling form via the basic building blocks in clips of sound. A format in a linear wavefields both separating the direct input of basic channel from the outer environment in sensory dimensions to negative space and pathological membranes. Network Equation is an inwards changing pattern of deep fields, the journey in question are often blurred by the vectors computation and lights in a combination of self-repetitions with the neuros of soundwave collection by a cortex of elements initially highlighted by the dimension of format generation and protocol in the processing unit by human phenomenon There are fields of recordings and composition from a far more generative, driven and movement shifting off in the sub strain information and weakfieldings to records of signifiers from an abstract visualist's narratives. JH (updated - 12/10/2019)