The Network - the story on expansion during the internet ages - Chapter1.Part I

The network

I was having a distraction from fluid dynamics, the flow of information; a device of networked, and the association is hungry for data. She waited by the very state of designing the proceeding of recon, and connecting networked packages…the sending and receiving focus is base on the architecture of loci in a decentralised space of centralising re-enforcement of network protocols. There are not only a single point of entry or design that as it is used by the both of your network, and when you, the arrival are position for leading the connections of the archtypes. The positioning are joint in node that act as furthest distance served… The language of connectivities are not only a linguistic system, it is by further underpin the collective of another  and none by the recognised node that given the gravity to locator and loaded by a force mapped to the data cloud inside your system is for collect call.

Attack is, by the association of system networking architecture there is producing a flight for the energetic fields that have not only stated within a decentralise logic, but in a programme manuals of function and commands that is created and selected by nature, in designing the loci of strategic point of access: other external connecting programme has recognition for under range system of control.

Counter and cloud and R.A.I.D

To begin the revolution of alleviating the Raid Drives, and in term of the specific alises of ins and out's control unit , until the kernel output is to the compliers_OS? It is programming and then edited toward a centralised existing in the information flow Operating Storages, and meanwhile your server is being designed to markup your encryption at these portals, these rest flows on the very complex of structure data backwards encrypted and copied to unknown loci, a locked by the-fool-proved safety, and it is not a soul-insight in one of that very would be behavior to guess the passcode keywords, and I have by design that the passcode is to become a product. They are there in a way to create visual format by digital Sequences at least by the liking of the machine language store in groups and markup throughout the innovation charts, but by design it is to learn the list of the compatible intelligent group and then work inwardly to programme the commands ending by the non-recurring information bypassing the stolen passcode by adding the single number first to inform a more revealing breaks within sequence of an unique structure signed by a copy of the stolen or deleted numeric sequence by reconnecting to the history of cloud backedup journaling within the harddrive's stored.

The mind is our to take that back become tide from the by-product of top loading watermark signatures…, by the reference of our positioning system. I am overall the signature that can figuratively passively control all networking activities from an overloaded top end HP-C4 server as a fictional designer with a monitor that is directioningly connecting to the surface of the andomiro strand is affecting the entire grid. These are information that society have become so reliant with solid state server farm and data centre(s.)

RAID :: as distinctive city forest noise

In a deconstructed city, the control is all nothing left but networks and protocols, the software intermit the course of our communication via space, the goal is to be able to track, search and design that best network protocol and interface available to communicate the Nearest field subject(target) in exchanged by the realism of device that could have build via technology, a mobile device or anything other than a flexible stationary object starting as a tool to communicate.

As long as there are expectation with the guiding principle in science, mathematic or philosophical movement being enlightened via movement the transformed through the thinking collective of human organisation, rather than spiritually looking at movement of classicism, the idea of general relativity in human collectivities are by far an environment to communication tools that is available on the planet; the diasporia for overland and sonic soundscapes are the actuality for designing a movement by distribution of changing momentum but also it is calculated by within the meaning of mathematics on the outcome of geo-physical surfaces and within other unit of distribution in devices.

*This also answering the new bio-physics of neo-neumonics and technological of sub-terra is storages and the flow via the layers of systema for having the magma of what seemed to have the kind of movement that is having been in place for thousands of centuries.*

Technologically, culturally to speaking of **Nonlin3ar** these are not nominal signs of time where human have experience the mysticism in scientific and creativity…, the effect is an information of derivative and programmatic of scala and architectonics…the *evolving* **science of project** that have become physically positioned in the planet and science of objectivity in protectionism is relative effected by the communication of community acting as organisation, forces that has changed NLS surface to form, from the internet as a prevalent system for networking the general consumptions for network(ed) PPT parking with science accelerator..., nevertheless I will stop to finished the Part I of journey, Matter - is a publishing tool to markup the nominal and notational designed for visual information retrievals for cultivating technologies.

A New Net Novel by Jimmy Howe

END OF Chapter 1.PART I 

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image by Jimmy Howe

Without ~~the~~ internet, this generation of academia or creator would find a much different sort of life altogether. Although quite likely to speak of the fact that the internet have so have much consistent means of creating a social network that the term are becoming like a noun echo the term Marshall Mcluhan idea’s human engineering of “medium is the message.” As a collective of strategic documentaries and film on the social network, we are replacing a grand scheme of ideology by the balance of shifting mathematical structure on engineering within the social fabric where we lives a within such are that a biosphere, that’s the one world, that fears our libeurity and freedom, and will it be taunted. Such as THE LOGIC, or something else entirely different from what we belief are? Rather to the day that we are understand the culture for independent, free flow of information, identities for openness and transparent structure and organizations; do we have the right to critiqises a body of control in with the network that we are proceeding and innovating the actuality of spatial identity and chaos of intermediate experimentations? There are a course of condition we here lies within the territory of a union or multimediate systems in a single most walked street at the heart of the most densified city in the world. To this day, the internet will not be leaving us only find out we have to leave the net to pursuit more personal, more analogue experiences. By the definition of virtural space and technology, sometime design is often a place to create the most extra ordinary effect on society and perhaps event a nation, its influence is not like a boom but a effect that slower than a the intermedia of new media and advertising. The market can absorb and erase technological advances and especially work by designers. There are much driven style of influences and therefore the time of a successful idea could become obsolete. Although we can not be in fear of technology those who practice advanced technological research. As often you will hear difference in technology are creating a future where we will unable to keep up or understand, this practice of dynamic shift in the paradigm happens in every century, and is constantly shifting within culture of advancement and ). In much of our society, advancement in computerization, automation in manufacturing and modification in the supplied chain have happened a century ago[], we are beginning to experience, the machine age of posthuman advancement[], where designoid is an affective into our everyday lives[] like social movement, the collipse of countries and revolutions that all began from the internet and a tool designed by super advance country and social network softwares. Where we speak as one, and observing the only obsolete social tools design by the organization that govern the social city of engineering of the human race. Rebecca MacCannon’s have covered much of tis generation how we are fighting back from organizations and governments on the forthfront of social networking, the revolution of that record our daily lives. Our3rant on design and a network that is the basic structure of blogging and citizen journalism, like the effectiveness of a 750millions attraction where as a startup become a company and into a corporation that relied on millions and multidescopetiteloneleoètteinetizomkilmotifzonzosloaondelsnadaip of millions of users to design this corporation. Is this IPO of this corporation crowd funded by another millions of individuals helping them to engineer the internet. This is a design problem and one that starts at noun social networking. A problem looking for a solution if it is indeed a problem for other organization to become a joint venture, as otherwise leaving everything transparent and open to the public to design the future of our society. But which one is really the new deal. To find the right formula ando, the community is likely together for a dance music or rock concert:D the implied regulation of advance production in light sound and visual content productions are reliable by the very information architecture. And in fact like the generations of Japanese entrepreneurs, most importantly is the idea for creating and the exception of their formula MIT their researched because of their research, their representation is reputable and understood by organisation management….  * Technology    N: LS A division of Nonlinear Records founded for archives of electronic visual music (EVM) and distribution of ambient experimental sound (AES.)

END OF Chapter 1.PART II

The Not So Linear Universe

DESIGN Yes or nothing so true about Design I live with and see everywhere. To know that fact I have come close to become of whom she is by the desire of my own very Design. SELF, prepare our lives through Design, and learn to know how to make Design of our only wishes where we find there are projection from our own inner self to connect with Design. Of other object or photographic and copies, we come to understand there are a world of professional Design come to fit and make use feel different when original product are changing the course of our very social fabric. In the not so linear universe, internet, product, music and visual are all very much to become out of the ordinary state of magnum opus. The way to make use of all of the tools, the necessities and object in our live, generation of the urban and pan-urban dweller are to becoming the new consciousness of this new school. And in between and within the social bound living space or consciously pushing buttons and making use of stairwells or a stroll down the narrow street with graffiti. Those who are grown, are growing to come to undermind that our social sphere are not only giving the digital world a blueprint to the imprint of characteristic in urban world, even the design of landscape by those dwelling we are careful to notice there are many aspect of appreciation[] to a well thought out movement of some significant. In essence globalization in the disconnected are a communication tool for brands, whereas in “chasing cool” the world are ever so connected that the distinction of differences in historical and geohistorical are less about spatial separations. We listen through the Diaspora of a different or perhaps a disappearing generation of great movement, like any ordinary period in history, the gestalt of great designer and architects are being more likely another. One of you or many of you come together to know how connected we have become or becoming more is less by the globalization of internet presence. The idea of where there are many more people like myself find it hard to come to find a presences or a voice to make connection and knowledge are a suspension of the disbelief. And learn to make the time and take notice to find that you own voice is inaccessible to other out there, design is the same, like this cosmic vase where there is no end in sight toward the bottom out structure of the digital world. The Flight of the Creative Class or the tipping point or perhaps if is theoretic from Ardono on Aesthetic.

Now with the new economy where economics and power of nation are becoming less apparent by the emerging world of super developing country like China. This is were we are going to travel not so linear to find the idea behind Design and I am working in a so not linear creativity, right of the structural left of the extension of corporation stations and in private studio or home. Who is Design really?